Hello world!

So I started on a new novel today. Writing that is. I didn’t expect to. It’s been moving around under the surface of my brain for a few months now, but really I was planning on taking a break, after working pretty heavily on some revisions on another project. I have exams to prepare, dadding to dad, and, if there’s time, reading I’d like to do. Io9 just called Iain Banks’ Surface Detail one of the best of 2010, which is great, but I’ve only made it a few pages in so far, and haven’t read any of the others on that list.

But instead of reading when Connor took his afternoon nap, I ended up starting something new.

What I was really supposed to do was set up this blog and write the first entry, but then the first line came to me: “I was seven years old when the world ended.” And it went from there. It feels really good, kind of like standing at an airport right at the start of a long vacation. If things go the way they usually do, I’ll have a draft finished by August.

Connor, however, has just woken up. Still, here’s the first blog entry. Making it pretty (if that’s even possible with my limited HTML-fu) will have to wait until all the kids are in bed.

PS: The working title is A Little Piece of Tomorrow, but I can’t decide if that’s any good. Comments welcome. If they’re even enabled. See above regarding my lack of learnin’ in the ways of HTML.


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Writer, teacher, husband, dad. Geek from way back. Author of the totally pre-orderable Backward Glass, out in October 2013 from Flux Books (http://goo.gl/4FOM2). View all posts by davidlomax

One response to “Hello world!

  • Bridget

    First comment! Yay! So yes, your comments are enabled. 😉 Your time is off though as it says you blogged at 10:41pm and it’s now only 8pm. But I digress… Congrats on your new blog and especially on the beginnings of a new novel. I’m still waiting to read your last one!

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