Why I hate snow shovellin’

I was going to do one of those posts where you whine about how you forgot to put gas in your snow-thrower, and it snowed and so you had to shovel, and you got cold and wet and your back hurts and you hate winter.  But then I thought, wait, maybe there’s a better way to say why you hate winter — because it’s not this:

In this Prezi:  Me, Connor, Eric’s back, Dana (a little bit) and Chris (taking the pictures in shadow form).

PS:  Prezi is fun y’all.  Big that up.

PPS:  I tried embedding the Prezi HTML, but it didn’t work.  I switched to the HTML view and dumped in the embed code from Prezi and errthing.  Does anybody know what’s up?  Is this a known issue?  I’d sure love it if the Prezi could just show up on this page the way it does when I embed it in MOODLE.

PPPS:  MOODLE also rocks, y’all.  And should be bigged up.

UPDATE:  Nope the embed code just wouldn’t work, so I’ve replaced it with a single link.  What up, elders of the internet.


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