BookCrossing at Pearson

We’re just about to release thirty books tomorrow at my school (Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute) as a strategy to get students reading and talking about books.  Our plans are to release over five hundred books in the next couple of months.  If you’re in the Malvern neighbourhood, and would like to participate, you can drop off any books you’d like to at the main office.  If you want to include an email address on a sticky note, we’ll keep you updated on the book’s progress.

If you’re not familiar with BookCrossing, it’s a website started up about ten years ago by Ron Hornbaker to allow people to share their books and then follow the books’ progress around the world.  You register for a (free) account, download some templates for stickers, register a book, write a code on the book, then release it into the wild.  Leave it on a park bench, at an airport, in a hotel room — wherever you like.  Then you can check in with the website periodically to see where your book has gone and what people thought about it.

Tomorrow, I’m going into school early and placing some old favourite books on benches in the front foyer.  It’s a little bit like introducing your best friends to some total strangers.  I hope they like each other.  I’ve got a Neil Gaiman, a Jonathan Carroll, two Graham Joyces, and Matt Ruff’s first book in there.

Wish me luck.


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2 responses to “BookCrossing at Pearson

  • Kristin

    Ooh, which Carroll and Joyces?!

  • davidlomax

    The Carroll is After Silence. Not my very favourite, but the most minor book of his will keep me up all night and stay with me for years. The Joyces are TWOC and Do The Creepy Thing. Again, not his major works. I don’t know if I can part yet with my very favourites. So Alan tweeted about a novella of yours. Is it Amazonable?

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