A few days of Christmas #1

Some years ago, I started writing little stories and other ephemera for Christmas cards.  I thought I’d cull them for a few things to post here on the blog.  This one is from last year (awful illustrations all my fault):

Dragon Week


Dragon Rir and Dragon Rarr

Went out Sunday in their car

They flew above the city high

And then came home for purple pie

Dragon Rarr and Dragon Rir

Flew out Monday, oh, yes sir

They skimmed above the oceans deep

And dreamed of whales that night asleep

Both the dragon brother boys

Flew out Tuesday with their toys

They played on fluffy tops of clouds

Then zoomed right home above the crowds


Wednesday Rir and Rarr both flew

Above the forests of Ah-Choo

Where needles make the people sneeze

And no one once says thanks or please


Thursday night found Rir and Rar

Flown off course by mountains far

They spent that night with Bristly Bears

Who fed them cream and prickly pears


Still lost on Friday night they flew

Above the clouds and mountains too

They cast a line about the moon

And sang an old, sad dragon tune

Woebegone on Saturday

They were too sorrowful to play

But there’s a sudden flash of green

Dad’s teleporting submarine


Dragon Rir and Dragon Rarr

Went out flying leagues too far

But Dad and Mummy brought them back

 And gave them goblin feet for snack


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