I like Sugru

This post is apropos of nothing.  I just had to share.  Have you heard about Sugru?  It’s self-curing moldable rubber that you can use for just about any repair or improvement job you can think of.  In the last week I have used Sugru to:

  • Fix the rails onto my son’s slot-car racing track
  • Fix my son’s Hot Wheels wall-track so that the damn thing actually works
  • Fix my wife’s car remote so that the battery doesn’t keep slipping out of position
  • Make a refrigerator-magnet pen-cup from a few magnets and a candy container
  • Fix my son’s toy castle

Others have done much more inventive stuff.  Check out Sugru’s gallery for all sorts of examples.

That’s all.  The stuff is really cool.


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Writer, teacher, husband, dad. Geek from way back. Author of the totally pre-orderable Backward Glass, out in October 2013 from Flux Books (http://goo.gl/4FOM2). View all posts by davidlomax

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