I gots me a book deal!

My agent, the inestimable Katie Grimm, says I can finally announce this.  We have a deal with Flux Books, who will be publishing Backward Glass in the fall of 2013.

Am I excited?  Enormously.  Am I impatient?  Insanely.

It will be a while before I can share cover art and other such awesome details, but share them I will.  In the meantime, just about all I have to offer is the following synopsis that I just sent off to my editor, the wonderful Brian Farrey-Latz at Flux:

In 1976, when his family moves into an old house just out of the city, Kenny Maxwell makes a gruesome discovery – the body of a dead newborn baby hidden in a wall. Attached to the wrappings is a note, written decades before, mentioning Kenny by name and asking for help. Kenny soon meets the mysterious Luka, a girl from ten years in the future, and discovers the backward glass, a mirror that can travel through time, a decade at a jump. He, Luka and the other friends they make in the past and the future begin a race against time itself to stop the deadly Prince Harming, learn the rules and dangers of the backward glass, and solve the decades-old deaths and disappearances that have plagued their neighborhood for generations. The note asked Kenny for help to save the baby, but if it’s already been dead for sixty years, what can he do?

What, indeed?

Also cool today?  My fifth wedding anniversary.  Let’s see… I’ve referred to my agent as inestimable and my editor as wonderful.  On my wife, I hereby bestow all of the other positive adjectives.  Happy anniversary, Zizzy!  I love you.


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Writer, teacher, husband, dad. Geek from way back. Author of the totally pre-orderable Backward Glass, out in October 2013 from Flux Books (http://goo.gl/4FOM2). View all posts by davidlomax

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