My first review!

I’ve been meaning to blog here approximately forever, so many interesting things have happened. I got the galleys for Backward Glass a few weeks ago and have been slogging through some corrections.  Then I got an advance reader copy, which my editor suggested I give away in a contest.  (The contest is simple: click “Like” on my Facebook author page and you’re entered; closes tomorrow.)

But today the most exciting thing of all happened:  a very nice review.  Anne Hannah, who reviews at, had contacted me yesterday to let me know that she had an ARC and was about to review it.  Little did I know she’d be so fast.

My new favourite review site!

And so kind!  Calling Backward Glass “a sci-fi mystery to die for” she compares it to both Doctor Who (a clear influence) and The Wonder Years (a sort of secondary influence, since I think both TWY and have Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me and thus Stephen King’s “The Body” as common inspirations).  She also says that “although this is a YA book, it reads like a coming of age story that adults can easily relate to, as well,” which was just one of the many points in the review that I got that wonderful sense that Ms. Hannah had read the book I had intended to write.

This is no small thing.  So often when I read reviews, I get the sad feeling that, for whatever reason, the reviewer didn’t meet the same characters the author had intended to introduce.  Ms. Hannah, however, got it.  Writing about the relationship between my protagonist, Kenny, and deuteragonist, Luka, she wrote about the latter:  “She’s smart, brave, feisty, and ends up saving his butt several times over. Luka equals Batman, and Kenny is her Robin.”

And that was it.  That was what I meant.

So happy.


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