Christopher Barzak — blurber par excellence (also: awesome writer)

I’ve been meaning for a few days to give a shout-out and some big thanks to my pal Christopher Barzak. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that my debut novel, Backward Glass was about to be final at my publisher without a blurb on it. It’s not a huge deal — lots of first novels go unblurbed, but I figured better to have one than not.

Problem was, as I say, it was about to go final. My editor said we’d need something by the end of July. Enter Chris. He’s the author of, among other things, the excellent One for Sorrow, which — I almost don’t even have words for how fantastic it is. It has the angst and torture of Catcher in the Rye mixed with the genuine creepy haunted sadness of the best ghost stories. And when I said “among other things” I should note that those other things include one hell of a lot of achingly beautiful short stories, many of them collected in Before and Afterlives. The short fiction is amazing, and it’s new, though I have to say if I were recommending a place to start with Chris, it would be One for Sorrow. Doesn’t hurt that it’s being made into a movie with the, if you ask me, not as good title of Jamie Marks is Dead.
Anyhow, as well as being a pitch-perfect writer, Chris is also a stand-up guy. I Facebooked him and asked if he might have time to read Backward Glass. Guy’s got a busy schedule, but he unhesitatingly agreed. Three days later, I get this blurb to send to my publisher:

“Get ready to slide down into the past with David Lomax’s Backward Glass. It’s cold on the way down, hot on the way up into the future, and it is always, always riveting, no matter which direction in time he takes his courageous and intelligent teenagers. I’d read this again and again. Actually, the future me has already done so, I can assure you.”

–Christopher Barzak, author of One for Sorrow

Needless to say, Chris put me on a high all day. So go out and buy his books. You will thank me.


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