Kirkus starred review! What, what!

So I have a real trouble with self-promotion.  Apparently that’s a classic trait of an introvert, which, duh.   Today for example, we’re at the dentist and just before the hygienist starts torturing me a la Marathon Man she asks, “So, what’s new with you?  Anything new?  Anything new happening?”  I kid you not — there were three questions in a row to which the answer could have been, “My debut novel comes out in six weeks and I just got a starred review in Kirkus which is cool because that’s a really rare thing, and the review was really, really, blushingly positive.”

Me at the dentist. Bonus obscure reference: “Try acting, dear boy.”

My answer?  Oh, not much.

Fortunately, I have a wife who loves to brag about me.  And she was next to get her teeth scraped.  Long story short?  The hygienist’s daughter (filling in as the receptionist today) has pre-ordered Backward Glass.  (Also worth noting:  today I found a book blogger who discovered Backward Glass because my wife started following her on Twitter.  So Christina Lomax rules today.  And every other day.)

The lesson for me, I guess, is that it’s time for me to try — hesitantly, shyly — to start promoting.  So — hey guys!  I got a starred review on Kirkus.  I can’t feature the review here or even link to the full thing, because the magazine isn’t out yet, but I can say that they called Backward Glass an “Intricate, lusciously creepy paranormal mystery,” and that they said that “Following the complex threads of adventure as they come together through the multitude of intertwined journeys is a joy.”

So, that.  It’s a starred review, as I may have said already, and Kirkus isn’t all free and easy with the stars the way my kindergarten teacher was.  (I keed, I keed; I didn’t go to kindergarten.  I was schooled in Scotland and went to primary one.  My teacher gave out beatings, not stars — though I didn’t get any of those either.)

I digress:  Starred review in Kirkus.


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