A review!

A couple of months ago, Anne Hannah at Addicted2Heroines gave a very generous review of Backward Glass.  My editor said it would probably be better for me if the review were to come out closer to our publication date.  Anne was gracious enough to withdraw the review, but this past week I started feeling guilty at asking her to continue to hold off since after all other reviews are beginning to roll out.  So here it is.  That review made my whole week, especially the bit where she called my book “a sci-fi mystery to die for.”  I wish I could have got that on the cover.

Thanks, Anne!


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Writer, teacher, husband, dad. Geek from way back. Author of the totally pre-orderable Backward Glass, out in October 2013 from Flux Books (http://goo.gl/4FOM2). View all posts by davidlomax

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