Backward Glass: Totally Free Teacher materials

I’ll be completely up-front about this:  I want to drive sales of my first novel, Backward Glass, a time-travel adventure that’s ostensibly for the young adult market, but which I really tried to write as an enduring classic for all ages — humble, aren’t I?  But, seriously, this novel was my attempt to write the ultimate all-ages time-travel thriller.  It’s had a starred review on Kirkus (“intricate, lusciously creepy paranormal mystery”), some very nice notes from Booklist (“This debut novel will leave readers eager for more”) and Publishers Weekly (“debut novelist Lomax handles the plot’s complexities with skill”), and a boat-load of raves on Goodreads (where, as I type, it has a rating of 4.26).

So people like it.  Now I want you all to buy it.  If you’re a teacher (for around grades seven to ten) looking for a book with a male protagonist (but also a strong female deuteragonist), I want you to buy it for your whole class.  Or for just a few students in a book club.  With that last idea in mind, my wife and I (who are both teachers ourselves) have collaborated on creating some materials for teachers who would like to study Backward Glass with their students.

All of this stuff is free, free, free.  And adaptable.  I’m giving it in PDF for easy printing, and in .doc format in case you want to make changes.  If you come up with anything of your own that you would like to share, I’ll add it in here (with appropriate credit for you, naturally).

Description PDF Word
List of characters. There is a filled-out version for teachers. If you want that, email me at Character List Character List
A list of some specialized terminology invented by the time-travellers in the novel. Again, there’s a version for teachers available by email. Backward Glass Terminology Backward Glass Terminology
A scavenger hunt of Canadian references in the text. Again, teacher’s version by email. Backward Glass Scavenger Hunt Backward Glass Scavenger Hunt
A big, giant activity package. Differentiated instruction. All kinds of mandatory and optional activities. No teacher’s version, but there are two handy-dandy rubrics for assessment. Backward Glass Activity Package Backward Glass Activity Package
Backward Glass book club questions. These are probably more for free-choice book clubs, perhaps for librarians to make available. Backward Glass – Book Club Questions Backward Glass – Book Club Questions

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4 responses to “Backward Glass: Totally Free Teacher materials

  • Beth

    Awesome, thank you! 🙂 book is sitting on my kindle waiting to be read. Will get to it in the next couple of weeks as a possibility for our last book of the year. Love the materials!

    • davidlomax

      That’s great to hear. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do. If you decide to use it, I can send you the “teacher answers.” Out of curiosity, what grade are you teaching?

      • Beth

        I will likely request those soon! 🙂 This would be for my 9/10 class. They are struggling readers, so I have difficulty finding books to interest them.

      • davidlomax

        Fantastic. I’m ready to help in any way I can. I’ve always wondered if a virtual author visit through Skype would be a workable thing…

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