About Me

At age eight, David Lomax was transplanted to Canada from his native Scotland. The same year, his parents read him Tarzan of the Ape1DSC_0040s, and he decided to become a writer. He didn’t get all of the cool jobs his other writer friends did to make their biographies sound interesting such as train driver, elevator repairman, or insurance underwriter. He was, briefly, a waiter. But not a good one. Has however taught high school in, get this, two different countries, three different cities, one town, three districts and, in total, six different schools.  He currently divides his time between four great passions – writing, reading, teaching high-school English, and his wonderful family. He lives in Toronto with his awesome wife and three precocious children.

David is the author of Backward Glass, a young-adult science fiction novel set in Toronto.  It’s out this fall from Flux books, but is currently available for pre-order fromt Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Chapters.

If the photo on this page seems boring, by all means, ‘shop it and send us a new one at dlomax100@gmail.com.  We’ll use yours and give you credit.


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