Free Stuff for Teachers

Here are some resources I’m sharing.  I’ve been an English teacher long enough to have been at six different schools in three cities, one town, two different countries and three different districts.  That’s also long enough to have gathered, created and modified a lot of stuff.  Some of it’s good, so that will be available here.


Romeo and Juliet

little bro package 2Little Brother

Then there’s my own novel Backward GlassHere’s a link to a post about these materials, but if you’re just interested in the materials themselves, here you go:

Description PDF Word
List of characters. There is a filled-out version for teachers. If you want that, email me at Character List Character List
A list of some specialized terminology invented by the time-travellers in the novel. Again, there’s a version for teachers available by email. Backward Glass Terminology Backward Glass Terminology
A scavenger hunt of Canadian references in the text. Again, teacher’s version by email. Backward Glass Scavenger Hunt Backward Glass Scavenger Hunt
A big, giant activity package. Differentiated instruction. All kinds of mandatory and optional activities. No teacher’s version, but there are two handy-dandy rubrics for assessment. Backward Glass Activity Package Backward Glass Activity Package
Backward Glass book club questions. These are probably more for free-choice book clubs, perhaps for librarians to make available. Backward Glass – Book Club Questions Backward Glass – Book Club Questions

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